Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tarot readings

When I started this blog, I thought it might be a way of recording my thoughts on my healing work and my art. I never really thought the two would be so intertwined - besides the fact that I was doing them at the same time in my life.

But after the last few paintings and the realisations that they are very much entwined, entangled and perhaps conduits for the other, I thought I would ask a dear friend of mine for her interpretation on them. My friend Syrinx is an intuitive counsellor - she reads tarot cards and has an amazing ability to channel advice that I know is from my higher self.

This is her address if you want to know more - she is AMAZING.

Anyway, what I had beenwondering was why the energy work wasnt moving along as quickly as the art work? But of course, I had already begun to nut that out. The energy work was in the artwork - the paintings had become a way of sending healing energy for a longer period than just one hour of a treatment session.

And this is what the reading said:

The energy work is like 'work' while the artwork is like 'play' if you were to use these analogies as descriptors. While the energy work hasnt taken off like I thought and hoped it would, it was impertative that I travel that road. It was to reconnect me to my intuition. Ahhh, intuition. I love it!

But, I'm at a crossroad. I need to choose a direction because I cant do both. If I am going to be a channel when I paint and when I do my healing work, then I need clarify my intentions and strenthen the messages that I receive.

So, I have to choose!

The cards that came when looking at the artistic side of things reflected a calling to my higher purpose. I think the choice is clear.

There was a final message that came with the reading - I am not supposed to look at a change in direction as a failure or a mistake. I needed to take that road for however long I travelled it - so I could get to the next step. My pathway is a stepping stone pathway - it is my pattern or way of doing things.

Those words are the so important - I am quite the typical gemini - I love the change in scenery and the adventure of new things. But of late, I am quite aware of how I look to those around me - changing my mind and changing my direction. I was extremely sensitive to this with my thesis work - I changed my topic maybe five times. Each time I came to a point that I just couldn't continue on the road I had taken - no matter what the advice. So many advisors tell you to just get the schooling over and done with. But my inner voice was too loud - for me, my masters isnt a piece of paper. It is an experience and a journey in learning... I need to make my topic personal and it needs to be important to me. It wont lead me where I need to go and I wont meet who I am meant to meet if I take someone else's journey and research someone else's agenda.

And so, I'm delving into the esoteric, the rich and unique. I'm researching intuition and alternate healing... and now I know that this writing, these questions, these thoughts and musings, will also be about my artwork and the manifestation of healing through a visual form. From intention to the purity of energy and the utter surrender that comes when you allow Spirit to work through you. For the higher good of those around you and even more so, for your own higher good.

I wish I had a picture to share - something ethereal and light, something that speaks of Spirit. A pressence that is gentle and yet supporting - omnipresent and omniscient.

Oh, I know... J gave me this Autumn leaf - one of the first to fall this season. He also gave me this Buddha head - they sit in my kitchen with photos of my family. A little piece of the sacred where I cook.

In the mean time... I need a name. It was my homework after my reading - for want of a better word. I need something that describes what I do.

I think to tie in with this blog - and my email address.. the intuive bit is a must.

And to describe the painting - rendering.

Intuitive Rendering !!

I'm still working on a description of what that is for those that dont know me or havent read this blog.

and for those that do, Happy Halloween.

thanks for sharing this journey with me.


(I thought this might work here - it is the first sketch I did when working on the vertical chakra pieces. It is in blue ink and I literally scribbled it on a piece of paper. But look where this little doodle led!!)

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  1. Gee - that's pretty heavy stuff. Picking a path. I love tarot. : )

    and seriously - I LOVE the new name. Are you changing the blog title? Intuitive Rendering. You don't scribble. You render.
    : )