Friday, October 8, 2010

Elvish energy

As per my last blog, I have been distracted from finishing my autumn leaf.. and the reason, another chakra painting. But this one is different.

The story starts with a bump in the road, an incident that could have been heartbreaking, but has actually been the jumping off point for an amazing evolution. I got the chakra painting that you can see earlier in the blog, scanned and then printed. Well, the result was nothing like I had hoped for... it lacked the intensity of the original colours and was flat and uninspiring. The scan had also picked up creases in the paper you cant see with the naked eye and what looks like oil from my hands as I have lent on the paper.

While driving home and contemplating tears, I decided that my friend for whom the print was intended, needed something more magical than this flat lifeless thing. So, I decided to paint her a new picture. I had actually been feeling a little stale with this subject matter, and had been enjoying the change in subject matter. But what I found when I settled in to paint was a renewal in energy and love for this series.

The thing with my friend is that she is a magical being - an intuitive counsellor who reads tarot cards. When I paint these chakra paintings, I feel the energy from the person that the piece is for, and this comes out in the final painting.

I haven't finished it yet.. but here is my favourite chakra - filled with the elvish energy I associate with Terra. I am in love with this painting and the feeling that I am getting whilst painting it.

I can not wait to see it finished. More photos to follow as soon as it is done!!


  1. SOOOO pretty! So loose. So whimsical. I love this. It's so free. Right from the soul... (lol - I could go on). I shared it on facebook. : ) I jsut hit that little F button below.

  2. I'm catching up on reading your posts! I haven't read anything since early August and I'm realizing I need to keep up. Just seeing your paintings and photos and reading your beautiful insights are so inspiring and energizing. Just what I needed.

  3. shucks, you guys make me blush. so glad you are enjoying it. So funny to think there are people out there reading it. !!