Thursday, October 14, 2010

Elvish Energy

I think it is safe to post these pictures here now - I didnt want to share them until my friend had received her painting and got to see them first. But it should have arrived today and I'm so excited to hear from her and hear what she thought.

Sorry the picture is so awkward and crooked. It is a very long painting and wont stand on its own, so I try to precariously balance over the top of it. But of course, it never quite works out.

I love the lines and the energy or feeling from it. It is so different to the other chakra pieces that I have done. So perfect for my friend and her beautiful elvish soul that peeks out at you. Here is a photo of the other chakra lineage painting that I've done sitting beside this elvish piece. You can see the lighter lines and ethereal nature of the new painting.

And after a six am start and a midnight to bed time last night, I'm hitting the wall big time. About ready to have a nap right here on the laptop. But dinner is on, just waiting to be cooked. So, I'll leave you here.. but stay tuned. I have some more photos to upload. While feretting around downstairs, I came across some old paintings I did years ago when I first learnt how to paint with watercolours. I did a couple of courses at a local gallery. You can see the evolution of my style and how the discovery of my favourite paint brush really helped. Now it is the only one I use - perfect for all of the fine line work I like to do.

ok. nap time.

nighty night.

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