Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ancient History

ok.. dinner has been eaten and I've got a little bit of energy - so I'm going to upload these pics before I go to bed very very early...

This is something I knocked up in class one night just playing with brush strokes to make the grass and a really wet brush to do the colour on the elephant. I really really like it now that I'm looking at it again after all of these years. I should pay attention to the background seeing as I've been having so many issues with them lately.

This next piece is one of the first wolf pictures I did. I love love love wolves... I always stop to say hello to the pair at the local forrestry farm, such beautiful creatures. I enjoyed doing this piece so much that I did a couple more wolf paintings but I moved on to a new brush. You can see the difference that it made - my very very thin brush allowed me to do all of the hair on the wolves and now does all of the fine line work that makes up all of my chakra paintings.

Here is a close up of the eye..

These paintings were done in 1998 - wow, how times flies when you are busy wrangling children. I am so glad that I am back to my art - I have really missed it and it is turning out to be an amazing journey.

Now, to go and read some comments that I just found on here.. man, this blog stuff is a learning process. I didnt even know anyone was reading this - well, except for Monika cause she linked her facebook page to my entry. I think it was payback for mentioning her blog

Ha Ha - sorry Monika but seriously, if you havent looked at it, you should take a look. This is one amazing, very talented woman and her blog is so inspiring. Thanks Monika = when I'm feeling uncreative, you always without fail lift me up and make me smile.

For everyone else, check it out.

ok, now to read my kids some stories and fall asleep soon after.


  1. Michelle, you are so very talented. These are beautiful pieces that should be framed and not filed away. Thanks for bringing them out for all to see.

  2. Michelle,
    Your pics are absolutely amazing, you are so talented!!! I agree with Sarah above that they should be framed and enjoyed, not filed away :-)
    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful side of you!
    Much love & hugs