Monday, October 11, 2010

I finished my ethereal elvish painting last night - amazing how when you are in love with a piece, it just flows. Three days of painting and it usually takes about three weeks to finish one. I couldnt take pictures last night because the light is so bad - amazing that I can paint that way actually. So as soon as I get my turkey in the oven for thanksgiving, I'll get the camera out. It is overcast today - so a great day for cooking and perhaps to start my great paper making adventure.

In the mean time, I've been taking some pictures that I would like to share - I guess it fits the theme of thanksgiving and harvest time.

These were another bucket of apples we were given that made some amazing apple sauce. The kids have been taking it to school and I used it to sweeten some home made granola I made. mmmmm.

These are a pile of crabapples we were given. They were tiny and my little guy loved eating apples that were his size.

This is the wee little pumpkin that we got from our garden - it was green when the first frost arrived so I bought it inside and with the warmth we've been getting, it is starting to change colour.

I love the patterns you find in nature - the curly lines in the little pumpkin top remind me of my paintings.

Well, time for that turkey to go in the oven. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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