Thursday, October 28, 2010


Last week I was giving an energy treatment and as my mind contemplated all things esoteric that dwell in this amazing space between thoughts, I had one. A thought that is. It occurred to me that the paintings that I have been doing are a little more than I had originally conceptualised.

And while I say a thought occurred to me, I readily acknowledge that someone let me in on a secret - the thought never had its origin with me... it felt as if I was being awakened to somethign that was always there.

Anyway, back to afore mentioned thought!

It occurred to me that while I set the intention to connect my paintings energetically to their recipients so that the pieces are a visual representation of their chakras, there is more going on than just the production of the painting.

When I painted the chakra painting that had the missing petals from the solar plexus chakra and then found out the husband in the couple that was getting the painting, had stomach health issues, I realised that this is why the petals were missing.

Well, this happened again when I painted the horizontal piece. I left off half of the petals. Half of them!! (there are supposed to be ten). As with the first painting, I caught myself after I realised what I had done. All with no thought, it just came out that way. But I painted the ten petals anyway, fitting them in but noting that there was something afoot.

When I delivered the painting to my friend, she told me that she had just had a bout of the worst gastrointestinal bug she had ever had. No wonder half of the petals were missing.

But what has just occurred to me, in this inspirational thought that comes from the space between thoughts, is the fact that by painting the full complement of petals, I am engendering the healing energy of the universe to flow into the chakras of the recipients of the painting. What was deficient and in need of more prana, is now being rendered in full health and spinning with the force of a life inspired vortex. While the painting alerted me to an area where energy was needed, by painting it I am actually practicing my healing work through my art.

I'm speechless of course. It seems so obvious now. I guess I'm a bit slow on the uptake!!

I just realised that I havent posted a picture of this piece completed. Well, here it is.

Dont you think the sanskirt script for Visshudha (the throat chakra) looks like the word IRIS?

My sister's favourite flower (and mine too) is the dark blue iris. And her favourite colour was blue. I used to tell her about the throat chakra being blue and how it didnt suprise me that she liked that colour so much. She was a writer.. the throat chakra is all about communication. mmm. Nice memories.


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