Thursday, July 29, 2010

Decision made

While I was really drawn to the plan to leave the painting with six petals for the manipura chakra, I couldnt do it. It was more important that this be an expression of the chakras - my own expression of how they appear to me as I paint. And to achieve that, then I needed to have the right number of petals. Otherwise, it would just be some lines and paint on some paper.

And while I was doing something else, getting into a car I think, the answer came to me. I love the way the mind will work on a problem and get back to you with an answer when you aren't thinking about it or anywhere near thinking about it. An intuitive communication - well, it sounds a lot like intuition to me.

So, I realised how I was going to add in the four other petals - and I love the way it worked. I think that future incarnations of this painting will use that same design. Now I'm trying to work out how to do the same thing for the throat chakra - vishuddha - which has sixteen petals. Trying to fit them all in makes them small and makes the chakra look busy. Time to hand that problem over to my intuition and let the creative process work it out while I'm doing something else.


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