Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rainy day

It's a rainy day here - kind of nice to smell the wet grass. The kids have all of the blankets in the house out and are camping under the furniture. It's a wilderness of teddy bears, pillows and sleeping bags.

And of course, the perfect thing about rainy weather, is copious amounts of tea. A hot cup of tea whilst staring at the rain is always so calming. Hands wrapped around the mug, inhaling the steam, daydreaming and sending yourself anywhere you choose to be.

It's also great weather for typing - so, perhaps a few more keystrokes will appear on this blog. I thought I would comment a little about the name - Intuitive scribblings. While I hope to be putting my art work up here on this blog, I will also be talking about my healing work and my thoughts on intuition - the basis for my masters thesis. I'm taking the year off from my course work - in essence to earn the dosh to finish it off. But what it has become is a chance to do the fieldwork, to collect the data and to research myself and my own experiences on how intuition is used by women who practice alternate medicine.

An autoethnography - the technical term - appears to be the latest incarnation of this journey. So this blog well may become a collection of diary entries that will be fodder for my studies. I do type faster than I write, so it seems a perfect venue for my scribblings - now, if only I can remember my password!

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