Thursday, August 5, 2010

The paintbrushes are calling!

I've been concentrating on the energy work side of things for the past few days - and the running around business side of things. Business cards, lists of things to do - you know, all the background stuff. My first energy treatment was last night - and it was amazing. So much energy flowing - a very powerful experience.
I came home with a big grin on my face and I began writing in my journal - what I imagine will be the basis of my thesis work. My thoughts and inklings and questions about intuition. At the moment, I'm contemplating intuition and imagination. Closely linked - and perhaps imagination is a perfect tool for intuition to communicate with us. Or with me as I am discovering. Or is it more that imagination is the wrong term - the images I see when I do energy work look a lot like my own personal daydreams - but they are different. They are messages from the ether. I dont know - dont know if I will be able to answer that question. But the exciting thing is that I'm on the right road to find out.

But what I am enjoying today is an overwhelming desire to return to my art desk. I finished my last piece about week ago... and I just have to paint. My fingers are itching. Lucky it is a cooler day outside - perfect to hangout with my paints and pencils. mmmm. I love it when the desire to create is so strong it is nearly overflowing.

Let us see what pours out!


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