Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What I'm learning

It goes without saying that this artistic journey is a learning process. But I thought I'd share the insights I gained last night as I finished my latest painting in the chakra series.

In my latest work, as I completed the petals that lie on the outside of the chakras, I got more comfortable with letting the brush go where it would. I let my hand flow and move, reacting to the space that I had to work with and the feeling in the painting of where a line should go. The result - 'quite obviously' I say to myself - were petals that I liked better. I preferred their liquid lines and open flame like appearances. I enjoyed the freedom and courage it took to let the lines appear without planning their shape. And soon, rather than starting with an image that I had to work at to make appear before me, the image was coming, flowing to my mind before I lifted the brush. But not from my imagination - I was being shown what the petal would look like before it arrived.

In the self depricating style I feel I should assume (to balance the egotistical nuances inherent in writing a blog that is accessible to the world) I feel like I should have known this all along. DUH!!!

This blog is about intuition. Before I paint, I invoke the spirit of the universe to inspire my hand and flow through my brush. All of my favourite work is done when I let go and relinquish control. I just paint or draw or write... allowing without thought for the outcome. A freedom from self and an acceptance or allowance - a surrender - that's the right word - a surrender to the artistic spirit that is moving in me.

I'm struck that I have only just now recognised this - again I might add. For I know I have thought this before. Perhaps this time, I might just remember it!!

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