Saturday, June 4, 2011

painting in the dark

The other night, the night of the dark moon, I took up the call to paint in the dark. A friend of mine (my elvish friend who I have painted for before) was calling people to paint in the dark to see what would arrive without the direction of light.

I crawled into bed with my sketch book in hand and my ink pens and some coloured pencils. I chose six colours from the chakras.. but was sure that most of what appeared would be the explorations with that ink.

This is what became...

I had been thinking of drawing a tree all week as we got ready for the night to arrive. But I didnt want to influence what came out - I love to draw trees and have done so for years. I have my way of drawing them - I didnt know if this would help or hinder the process.

Anyway, I sat in bed, turned the light off and closed my eyes. I let go of my intentions and opened up to the dark moon and let what wanted to come, appear on the page.

Funny enough, a tree did arrive.. so I let it become. What was new to my idea was the way the roots went downwards to envelop and cradle the earth.

I turned the light on when I was done, and fell in love with the image. It is haphazard and so much more about the process for me, but it inspired.

This is the sketch that I drew last night with my waking eyes - still seeing the image that inspired the first piece.

And this piece ... well, I adore. It will become more I am sure.

A larger detailed sketch with every leaf and all the shading. I cant wait. I can see it now before my eyes.. just waiting. You know, for all of that uninterupted time that a mother of three gets!!


have a beautiful if not cold, day.


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  1. Oooh, love that tree!

    I'm so glad to have found your blog, and even more so to see the art work that you're doing. Such a fun exploration, doing art in the dark!