Sunday, June 5, 2011

another little ditti

This Friday is my first art exhibition. Well, there was that one when I was a kid. The Dandenong Art show - I remember a certificate and going to see my art on the wall in a large gym somewhere. I had done a pastel piece and someone had touched it and then rubbed their dirty finger on the matt frame. Lovely!!!

The pieces for this exhibition are framed though. Phew.

The first one is my long chakra piece. It is massive now that it is under glass.

The second piece I entered into the exhibition was this one:

But after spending all my cashola framing the big bertha up there, there was no way that I was going to be able to frame this one as well. I know Monika, you are soooo right. Find the frames first.

So, I took that advice and nicked a frame from one of my kids photos and painted this little number. I am so enamoured with the sap green colour of spring - the same colour my beloved tree ferns are. It always inspires me to paint the heart chakra. And then there is that, who cant love the heart chakra?

So, this is Anahata, the second piece going into the show.

Dont you love that green?

And for those of you in Saskatoon - Friday and Saturday at the Refinery.

See you there!!


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  1. sweet! Yes - love all your pretty paintings. I hope to come see - maybe Friday night? Do post the details (time)