Saturday, March 5, 2011

Yoga and art exhibitions

Alright, I think I have fallen off the face of the earth. Where have I been? - well, winter!!Need I say more? Seriously, my previous life in Australia is like another world away - rain and sunshine and the ability to still dry your clothes outside does not in anyway relate or compare to this. The minus 44 windchill, the pain in your fingers as you try to do up the frozen metal seatbelt buckles, the pain in your face as the arctic like wind drives into your face and the burn in your cheeks that night as you realise you have windburn from the cold. I crave the fresh air and the sunshine - thank God for Mandy's loungeroom and the afternoon sun.

But, I have been pottering.

Today my favourite yoga teacher (Vincent Lu) opens his own studio in town - Vidya yoga. Vidya means knowledge. I am so enamoured with the choice of name - to go and learn, to evolve and become.. well, to become your true self. I do LOVE yoga.

Anyway, it inspired me to paint again. And so, I did. I havent painted a chakra piece since before Christmas - so it was nice to revisit that connection to my art.

I painted two pieces - the first is the name of the studio - Vidya.

I chose the orange/red and yellow palate because the studio signage is that colour. And that lead to Muladhara being the chakra behind the script. It made sense to me in so many ways - Muladhara is the base chakra. It represents foundation and support. I sent energy into my work with the intention that strong and peaceful foundations fill the studio.

The next piece evolved from there.

This piece is the yin to the Vidya piece.

The warm colours and sanskrit wording became balanced by cooler colours and an english translation. And to balance the base chakra, I painted the crown chakra - Sahasrara. It symbolises higher consciousness... an evolution of energy from the strong foundations of the previous piece. The Sahasrara chakra usually as one thousand petals - so I simply paint the entire chakra as one single petal. Infinity represented in simplicity.

And then, as a special message from the universe, the very day that I delivered the finished paintings to the studio, I get home to a voicemail message that my art work has been accepted into an upcoming art exhibition. WHOOO HOOO!!

It is an exhibition put on by the Saskatoon Women's Art Alliance. It is being held in June - I can not wait.

Of course, a minor point is the framing of these pieces. But, since the universe is giving me a little feedback on my artistic meanderings, I'll take that as a positive sign that all will be taken care of. There is always a way!!

This is a small piece of the painting that will be shown...

a close up of my heart chakra - brimming and overflowing as I embrace my artistic self.

What a fantastic couple of days. Now, to get myself ready for yoga!!


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  1. A sweet sweet sweaty afternoon!! Love. Thanks my friend. Namaste