Friday, April 22, 2011

I'm back

I'm back - figuratively and physically. After three weeks in my beautiful Australia, I'm back to Spring in Canada.

And what a trip - everything fell into place beautifully. I got to see mostly everyone and I spent a magical morning with my beautiful trees up in the Dandenongs.

I have so many photos from that one morning, I can hardly choose which ones to share. The whole time we were there, I kept telling my good friend Nicki that there was no way that my photos could do what I was seeing justice. The feeling of these ancient trees and their friends, the ferns. The tree ferns up in the Dandenongs can be over 20 metres tall and I've heard it said that each 1 metre = 100 years of growth.

I learnt a new word that morning - Ombay. It is a traditional Aboriginal word for the smell of the earth after the rain. It is the spice and dampness and richness of the earth. For me, it evokes a visceral response - something so old and deep that I have no doubt it comes from a place older than my time on this earth. Ancient memories that connect me to that land. MMMMM I love it there.

One morning of walking and breathing filled me with the most amazing peace.

I hope it is enough to tide me over until my next trip home. Something tells me it might be a while!!

This last picture is from a felled tree - the energy and power that came from the centre was amazing and so palpable. It reminded of my chakras spinning - I think there is a painting in this one.

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