Wednesday, December 29, 2010


the sky on Christmas morning.

Again, with the slackery. Or the busyness... well, it is Christmas.

I havent been downstairs to paint for a while .. so last night, I made myself go down to get the creative energy flowing. Even if just to paint a few petals on the sunflower I've started. Just to get me moving and to see what would come. I thought the lack of commissioned pieces would open up the floodgates to get me moving.

Seems I'm panic stricken and afraid to lift a brush and that is no way for an artist to be. Funny how your mental stuff can so easily get in the way.. of, well, everything. I've been reading my good friend Monika's blog and I love that she is always creating. It really is inspiring. I thought about the notion of just allowing, getting out of your own way. Of just letting it be, whatever it is that wants out!!

I've been imagining a few things that I want to paint, so after I added a few petals to my sunflower, I grabbed a scrap piece of paper. With a palete full of wet yellow paint, this is what materialised.

She is a prairie spirit, floating in the grass. I have been trying to find a reference for her face - and I've had no luck at all. Nothing matches the image in my mind. Anyway, as I was just noodling around, I gave myself permission to just play. And what came out was an ethereal, watery face that didnt need the detail that I thought it needed. I realised my own mental gymnastics were going in the wrong direction. Not only did they stop me from painting altogether, they were over thinking a painting who's energy is spiritual and flowing and moving. And for that, there really wont be a lot of detail. What I want to convey is movement ... and I had a great time doing that with this little sketch.

One little step at a time - but always lots of learning to be had if we just let go and and allow.



  1. every time I look at my liam - with his platinum hair, i see him as my barley field boy ; ) I like your noodling. Noodling is good to get rid of creative blocks, isn't it? : )

  2. love the noodling. definetly helps remove the blocks. in fact, might go do some more right now!!