Tuesday, November 9, 2010

feeling blah - but look out the window

Today I'm officially on lazy duty. I have to have a small procedure tomorrow - a colonoscopy. And that means a total clean out of my colon! Not so fun. About an hour ago, I would have said the worst part was the no eating. I am so hungry and it isnt nice to have to feed the kids while being restricted to a clear fluid diet. But now that the bowel prep is doing its job and I have said goodbye to last night's dinner, that is now my least favourite part of the day. Of course, there is still dinner to be made and lucky me, I get to eat jelly. !! But JP (lovely man that he is) has promised to pick something up for him and the kids. Something deep fried and delicious smelling. Bastard!! I'm salivating at the thought of it now.

Perhaps I will hide out downstairs when they eat.

And in the mean time, to take my mind off how dreadful I feel, I have a frivolous magazine that arrived in the mail today. Full of design and pretty pictures. I never read a single word - I just look at the pictures. And for when I'm feeling a little ill, there is the view outside. Lots of sloppy wet snow. Even after 8 years in Canada, I still love watching the snow.

So, really, it is all about the perspective.

Have a wonderful day.

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