Sunday, November 28, 2010

button making

This week saw me knit some more, finish another painting and start another. I also made some buttons for some of the knitting. I used a fallen branch someone had put in the back alley and my darling man whittled it down and dried it out for me.

I then cut off pieces and sanded them down - little round coins that were perfect button sizes. I then rubbed them with olive oil to bring out the grain and drilled some holes in them. Voila... buttons and beads for my neck warmers.

This is the painting I finished - again in the chakra tradition. It spoke so clearly to me of my friend, a homeopath that works with intuition and energy.

I put a sign up in her office advertising my work - I've called the whole process 'intuitive renderings' - a process where I express the individual vibrations and nuances of those who commission the piece. I can see and feel these energetic patterns as they become manifest through the painting and I imbue the work with healing energy.

It really is a humbling experience. Without fail, I stand back after a painting is done and I can not believe that my hand took part in its creation.

I am sure I have more to write, but it seems my kids have woken the sick baby up.

more later.


  1. GORGEOUS perfect buttons! Ps. Can you do long distance intuitive renderings?

  2. thank you ... and yes. when i painted for my friends in Australia, health issues that the husband had, came through loud and clear in the painting.
    And thanks for putting the link on FB. (I always get embarrassed)