Sunday, May 1, 2011

taxes done... its time to paint!

It is a very good feeling to be done the taxes. I'm not what you would call a numbers girl... I can get them done, but I dont really enjoy it (does anyone?). And it is a bit tough doing them when the kids are home from school on holidays for the week... but, they are done!

So, today, I got to paint.

It was my reward for crossing another thing off my to do list since coming home from Australia.

My friend Karen had asked me to paint a tiny wee little painting of Ajna - the third eye chakra.

Here it is thrown into a frame just to see how it would look.

She also asked me to paint a smaller chakra lineage painting - I love the way it turned out as well - lots of play with the movement within the whirling centres, linking the lines to each other, more so than what I usually do with the larger pieces.

I also finally got my contract and artist information emailed off to the Saskatoon Women's Art Alliance, SHEBAM festival. It is coming up in June. I can not wait to see my painting hanging on a wall with all of the other amazing work. Of course, first I have to frame it. So, putting it out there to the universe... Framing Needed Pronto!

Now, that I have this painting thing up and running again, I think I would like to keep it up!!

Ahh, spring. Amazing the difference it makes to me - I think in one week, I have written as many blogs as I wrote over the entire winter.


  1. Loving the mini's! I feel your joy when you paint! Welcome home to yourself. xo

  2. welcome home to myself is right! thanks. cant wait to see what else arrives on the paper!