Monday, September 6, 2010

The prairie landscape

I was just reading a friend's blog and in it she explained how much she loved the prairie landscape, the spirit in the sky and the open plain and how for her, this was her religion. I heard her and smiled, for I have heard it before, from many of my friends, in love with this land. There is a magic here, I feel it and know that this is what led me here and holds me in this place. But I can not love this land. My heart belongs to another. And so I wanted to share with you, my love of the Australian landscape, especially of the mountains and eucalyptus trees of my home state, Victoria.

I love the colours in the trunks and the fluidity in the limbs of these ancient trees. I feel their souls and hear their song as the wind dances in their leaves. This land is my home, and every sense within me remembers and aches to be there.

This is how I imagine my prairie friends feel about their beautiful open skies. I wish I could take them all for a walk around Wilson's Prom or up in the Dandenongs.
Perhaps, one day.

In the meantime, some pictures to help...

These are all images from Wilsons Promontory - my favourite place on earth. The landscape changes as you walk through it - after five minutes you can be over a hill and the topography and plants have changed totally.

And these are images from the beautiful Dandenongs - the mountain range nearest to my childhood home. Twenty minutes drive takes me from suburbia to another world. Moist and cool and filled with giant tree ferns that are centuries old and snowgums that reach towards the sky.

I love this land.


  1. thanks for sharing a bit of home....looks much like the queen charlotte islands :)

  2. awe. : ) This is lovely! But yes - we are always connected to home. : ) ~Monika (hoping this post comment works thsi time around!)